Ascension Homes - innovative home builders with over 28 years experience, lead the way by using top quality materials, unequalled workmanship, impressive designs and personal service.

We at Ascension Homes realise that choosing a new house means more than a roof and four walls. Your house is your home, and a home is about family. A house becomes a home when memories are created and families grow.

Where other builders are satisfied with building to code, Ascension Homes set a higher standard. The Ascension Homes' design criteria greatly exceed MBA (Master Builders Association) standards to provide you with a home built to endure.

Our homes require minimal maintenance and are future proofed to save you utility costs. Our commitment to quality and our warranty assures you many years of worry-free comfort in your new home.

Ascension Homes take the time to consider every detail - materials, finish, space, light, position, comfort and warmth. Our consultant is here for you, to encourage your ideas, needs and tastes to customize and make your home “fit” you perfectly.

When it comes to your home, the expression of your individuality, the setting for life’s events large and small, should never have to be compromised.

You want your home to bring you a lifetime of comfort, safety and the statement that makes it yours - Ascension Homes delivers this and more.

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